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This wiki contains lists of all the 892 known national non-news TV-related subreddits. This page contains various macro lists of those subreddits.

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Please note that these are TV-related subreddits, they are not necessarily dedicated to TV.


Description Link Size Purpose
The TV subreddit /r/Television 3,950,521 Thoughtful discussion of quality TV
Netflix BestOf /r/NetflixBestOf 239,639 Quality content on Netflix instant watch
Tip Of My Tongue /r/TipOfMyTongue 122,817 Get help identifying shows/movies/video games etc
Cord Cutters /r/CordCutters 76,115 Ditch your cable/satellite TV, stream for cheap or free
If You Like Blank /r/IfYouLikeBlank 45,712 Find new, relevant shows/movies/music/etc
Best Of Streaming Video /r/BestOfStreamingVideo 30,758 Best TV shows and movies on the web
Best Of Streaming Video on the Web /r/BestOfStreamingVideo 30,758 The best free streaming TV & movies from all across the web
Full Shows On Youtube /r/FullTVShowsOnYoutube 24,788 Full-Length TV show episodes on youtube
TV Critic /r/TVCritic 3,611 Vote on shows, discover new ones
More PC than /r/CordCutters /r/Cordcutting 2,504 Copyright-friendly/legal video streaming options
Anime Ranks /r/AnimeRanks 1,084 Vote on animes, discover new ones
TV Reddit /r/TVReddit 761 Little brother of /r/Television
True Television /r/TrueTelevision 674 Intelligent and in-depth discussion about Television
UK Video On Demand /r/watchThisUK 546 Full length streaming UK TV shows and movies
Circulate The Tapes /r/CirculateTheTapes 141 Locate TV shows etc that are not widely circulated
Cancelled Shows /r/CancelledShows 29 Talk about your favorite cancelled shows
TV Reddits /r/TVReddits 21 Shows listed by genre, network for easier look up
TV Subreddit Announcements /r/TVSubreddits 10 Where new/revived TV subreddits are announced

Genres and other types of programming

Description Link Size
Documentaries /r/Documentaries 2,431,098
Anime /r/Anime 255,521
SciFi /r/SciFi 217,791
Fantasy /r/Fantasy 72,598
Horror /r/Horror 65,408
Stand-up Comedy /r/StandUpComedy 59,498
Japanese Game Shows /r/JapaneseGameShows 36,899
True Anime /r/TrueAnime 6,515
90's Cartoons /r/90sCartoons 6,265
Panel Shows /r/PanelShow 6,112
Korean Dramas /r/KDrama 5,622
Toonami /r/Toonami 5,182
Korean Variety Shows /r/KoreanVariety 4,348
Cartoons * /r/Cartoons 3,941
Art Documentaries /r/ArtDocumentaries 2,263
Anime Dubs /r/AnimeDubs 2,192
Wrestling and the WWE /r/NXTWrestling 1,853
Urban fantasy /r/UrbanFantasy 1,732
Asian Drama /r/AsianDrama 1,536
Japanese Animations /r/JapaneseAnimation 1,524
Japanese Dramas /r/JDorama 1,476
Late Night Talk Shows /r/LateNightTalkShows 1,379
80's Cartoons /r/80scartoons 1,273
SciFi and Fantasy /r/SciFiAndFantasy 1,113
Game Show /r/GameShow 961
Japanese Special Effects (eg Godzilla) /r/Tokusatsu 854
TV & Film in Chinese /r/ChineseTV 631
Cartoons * /r/Cartoon 497
Comic Book TV /r/ComicBookTV 475
British Panel Shows /r/BritishPanelShows 391
Period Series‎ /r/PeriodSeries‎ 355
Recent Period Drama TV Series /r/PeriodSeries 355
Banned Episodes /r/Banned_Episodes 348
International TV /r/InternationalTV 280
Live action Asian films/TV /r/LiveAction 243
Soap Operas * /r/411onsoaps 177
Soap Operas * /r/SoapOperas 119
British Comedy /r/BritCom 78
Survival Shows /r/SurvivalShows 53
Home Design/Restoration Shows /r/4homes 37
Classic Westerns /r/ClassicWesterns 34
Espionage, cloak and dagger, and spy-fi /r/spyfi 32
Genre TV shows /r/TV_SF 16
British Crime TV /r/BritishCrimeTV 7
Baking-related TV shows /r/BakingTV 6
Top Anime /r/TopAnime 4
TV/celebrity chefs just being plain weird /r/HotAndSpicyMeat 2


Description Link Size
British TV /r/BritishTV 22,525
Canadian TV /r/CanadianTV 600
Australian TV /r/AustralianTV 599
UK Streaming /r/UKstreaming 59
New Zealand TV /r/NZTV 36
Australian TV /r/TVAustralia 13

Networks and Platforms

Description Link Size
Netflix /r/NetflixBestOf 239,639
Netflix /r/Netflix 73,126
Netflix /r/BestOfNetflix 35,020
Youtube /r/Youtube 25,137
Adult Swim /r/adultswim 10,956
Apple TV /r/AppleTV 7,977
Amazon Prime /r/BestOfAmazonPrime 3,805
HBO /r/hbo 3,621
Hulu /r/Hulu 2,566
Google TV /r/GoogleTV 1,583
PBS /r/PBS 1,283
Hulu Plus /r/BestOfHuluPlus 1,001
DirectTV /r/DirecTV 717
Nickelodeon /r/nickelodeon 669
The BBC /r/bbc 658
Netflix Canada /r/NetflixCanada 510
Netflix UK /r/NetflixBestOfUK 443
USA Network /r/USANetwork 367
Satellite /r/Satellite 361
Food Network /r/FoodNetwork 348
Home & Garden Television /r/HGTV 239
Comedy Central /r/comedycentral 185
Sling Box /r/slingbox 154
Showtime /r/ShowTime 136
The BBC iPlayer /r/iPlayer 114
NBC /r/NBC 86
Virgin Media /r/VirginMedia 69
ABC /r/ABC 37
CBS /r/CBS 12
Digital TV /r/DigitalTV 11

Derived Fun

Description Link Size
Fan theories /r/FanTheories 125,085
Plot holes /r/plotholes 21,956
Doctor Whumour /r/DoctorWhumour 20,445
Game of Thrones artwork /r/ImaginaryWesteros 19,540
Fan-edits of Mythbusters episodes /r/smyths 19,394
Breaking Bad Comics /r/breakingbadcomics 15,104
Where publicly well known people/things are now /r/WhereAreTheyNow 5,360
For post-production sound geeks in TV etc /r/AudioPost 5,047
Bloopers /r/bloopers 3,543
TV Poster Porn /r/TelevisionPosterPorn 2,526
Catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction /r/TVTropes 1,835
Firefly Festival /r/FireflyFestival 1,499
TV GIFs /r/tvgifs 696
TV Character Battle /r/tvcharacterbattle 631
TV Memes‎ /r/TVMemes‎ 493
CSI Related Jokes /r/csi 150
The Office (US) Trivia /r/officetrivia 149
Single remarkable scenes from TV or other mediums /r/Scenes 66
ELI5 for TV, movies, etc /r/BriefRunOver 30
TV Battle Royale /r/tvbattleroyale 8

Talents (not just actors)

Description Link Size
Joss Whedon /r/Whedon 7,915
Louis CK /r/louisck 7,829
Ricky Gervais /r/RickyGervais 7,806
Conan O'Brien * /r/Conan 4,901
Stephen Fry /r/StephenFry 2,509
Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) /r/alanpartridge 1,950
Conan O'Brien * /r/Teamcoco 580
Gordon Ramsay /r/GordonRamsay 323
Penn Jillette /r/PennJillette 218
Fry and Laurie /r/SoupyTwist 215
Demetri Martin /r/DemetriMartin 119
Iwan Rheon /r/IwanRheon 107

Talk while you watch

Description Link Size
I Just Watched /r/IJustWatched 7,547
Episode Hub /r/episodehub 1,372
Patient Watchers /r/PatientWatchers 474
Watch anime together /r/GroupAnime 465
Reddit Television Club /r/TelevisionClub 281
Why is this on TV? /r/whyisthisontv 106
TV Show Club /r/tvshowclub 67
Watch TV/movies together /r/LetsWatch 44
For cordcutters who watch shows a day late /r/ADayLate 14

Hobbyists and people in the industry

Description Link Size
For pros and amateurs to discuss filmmaking /r/Filmmakers 57,981
For anything related to filming with the GoPro camera /r/gopro 34,169
For people to discuss video editing /r/VideoEditing 14,972
For issues related to videos: TV or whatever /r/videography 12,091
For people that get paid to edit film, video, TV, etc /r/Editors 11,871
For folks involved in the art of cinematography /r/Cinematography 11,596
For actors /r/Acting 11,055
For folks involved with After Effects /r/AfterEffects 9,901
For people who love visual effects /r/vfx 8,852
For post-production sound geeks /r/AudioPost 5,047
For the evaluation of audio work (OC only) /r/RateMyAudio 2,267
For folks in the sound departments /r/LocationSound 2,261
For people to discuss video production /r/videoproduction 1,291
For documentary producers around the world /r/DocProduction 1,202
For industry relevant networking /r/Broadcasting 301
For extras, actors, and aspiring reality TV "stars" /r/Casting 153
For the TV & Radio engineers /r/BroadcastEngineering 131
For those working in NYC's TV industry /r/NYCtv 89
For news and discussion about the film industry in Canada, specifically Toronto and Vancouver /r/HollywoodNorth 38
For people interested in the technical aspects of TV/Film production /r/TechTV 38
For TV editors /r/TVEditors 22
For people working in the TV industry /r/IWorkInTV 17

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These lists were created and are maintained by user jdk on reddit.com, with help from:

  1. documents by hero0fwar and by iLLeT; (EndsInThemselves pointed me to the second doc)
  2. the old TV Subreddit Directory;
  3. my own on-going efforts to located other subreddits, and scripts that I wrote;
  4. redditors' feedback and corrections to earlier versions of this issue on reddit, including this old post;
  5. redditors who write to me about this wiki.

Notable events about these lists

  1. On Wednesday July 24th, 2013, asking as a mod of /r/television, hero0fwar sent jdk a PM for the scripts for this data. In response, jdk sent hero0fwar the google doc scripts that fetch the subreddit numbers from reddit and from stattit
  2. On May 20, seeing that there is no replacement for stattit that went out of business, the "most active subreddits" list has been removed.
  3. On July 9th, 2014, /r/TVSubreddits was created for the maintenance of this list.
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